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Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide
Meeting and communicating with your personal spirit guide is one of the most profound experiences available to you in your Life Between Lives journey.

“I have a spiritual guide... he is here. He dresses in robes of silk... has a long beard, white hair. He is kind, compassionate, wise... old, very old. But no slack! Not too soft or lazy or complacent.... with my overall advancement, he’s somewhat pleased."

These wise teachers connect with clients in various ways during sessions:
• They provide orientation and guidance through the spirit world
• They counsel people on their past and present lifetimes
• In some cases they provide direct energetic restoration

Often, the rekindling of this loving relationship in a session serves to build a bridge, causing a person to become more aware of the wise whisperings of spirit in her daily life.
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Message from a Spirit Guide

This beautiful message came through my client in her LBL session in February 2009:

"I know thee. I love thee. I have known thee ages upon ages, eons upon eons. Thou art a heart of my heart and I cherish these lives we have spent as teacher and student, as student and teacher.

Go forward now as if it were a new morning and seek that which thou desirest. Do these things with a glad heart, joyful, with a knowledge of who you truly are.

Be not bent down by the worries of the world, for all this shall be but a fleeting moment."

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