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Soulmates & Soul Groups


Nothing captivates the romantic imagination more than the eternal bonds of love that two souls can share:

"She is shining... the love I feel... we've been through so much together."

Soulmates often choose to be romantic companions in their earthly lifetimes. They live side by side, helping one another to meet life's challenges.

There are times, however, when soulmates must spend time apart, even entire lifetimes, in order to grow and develop on their own:

"We’re almost in a dependency... lost without each other... when it comes to our progress, there is a delicate balance between helping and hindering."

After separation, when soulmates are met once again, whether in life, in death, or in an LBL session - how sweet is that reunion.
Soul Groups

Some of the most emotionally touching moments in a session can occur when a questing soul reunites with her Soul Group:

"We’re here together. They’re standing in front of me... arranged in a sort of crescent. They all communicate love... we’ve all been in each other’s past lives... it's my family, it's home."

A Soul Group is a close-knit ‘family’ of spirits with whom a person has shared countless incarnations in various roles, as well as working, playing, and learning together in the spiritual dimension.

Being greeted by your brother/sister souls is a most enjoyable experience. There is laughter here, and sometimes tears of joy. As you receive pure love and acceptance without condition, your heart feels, knows, a deep sense of belonging.
Soul Groups

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