Light Between Lives

The Loving Wisdom of Spirit

Council of Elders

The Wise Ones

Returning souls are given an opportunity to seek counsel from a panel of exalted spirits known as Elders:

"The Elders appear radiant... like an all-knowing, all-wise feeling of omnipotence. They are far beyond me. Divinity... a light, like a deep purple presence. Like joyous... almost like sexual ecstasy. Like if you’re there long enough, you’ll disintegrate into bliss. The essence is love.

One is in a green robe. She is a master healer; master of energy projection and thought projection. The one in the middle is in purple, the spokesperson. The other two are experts in different areas of development."

These wise beings are able to illuminate a soul’s entire spiritual history and continuing evolution. They also share advice on a person’s present lifetime, reminding him of his aims and missions, and steering him towards means of accomplishing them.
Council of Elders
Council of Elders 2
Questions and Answers

You may bring in a list of personal questions for the Elders to address in your Life Between Lives session. The wise counsel given can be of momentous significance regarding your present life issues.

One area in which Elders may -- or may not -- assist a person is in knowing his future. This is for him to create and discover on his own. As one client put it: “They say my future is not in their hands, but in my own form of thinking.”

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