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LBL session transcript - Bear
LBL Session: Bear

By a curious set of circumstances, I met a man with a curious name: Bear. Bear is one of those gentlemen whose gruff exterior cannot conceal a heart of gold. He's also what you might call a seeker, meditating up to three hours a day and constantly reading and studying books on spirituality. It seems almost inevitable that we got together for a Life Between Lives session.

In his session, he had a way of speaking slowly, with hardly a word out of place; and he often used colorful metaphors to explain his points. I have liberally used excerpts from Bear's LBL session in other places on this site, because they are so illustrative.

Bear and I later became friends, and I consider him to be a spiritual teacher. It's not often in life that you meet a wise man. I'll always be grateful for the lessons I learned from him, and I'm grateful to him now for agreeing to share this transcript of his soul journey. We hope you enjoy it.

Back to the Womb

Scott: Okay, going down now, back in time, younger and younger, 3, 2, 1, and before birth now and in the womb... What do you sense? Can you hear your mother’s voice or feel her emotions?
Bear: Fear. She’s had trouble with childbirth. But she’s still determined to have children. There is a feeling of burning, like heartburn. I feel tied or wound up, like she’s eating stuff that affects me.

My own feeling is, ‘You’re going to have a rough ride!’ It’s going to be hard to survive as a baby, but I’ll make it. I picked this life for a reason. I’m trying to work on love, compassion, forgiveness, healing... it gives me lots of opportunities.

S: At what month did you first enter the fetus?
B: September.

S: Is it easy or difficult to trace the electrical pathways of this brain?
B: Difficult. The brain is not lively, it’s content to be sluggish. But it’s a good match now - I thought it was at first! Mom was a heavy smoker, I was born premature. She said I looked like a ‘wrinkled little old man,’ an ‘old soul.'

I struggled turning on the switches. With the switches, it has to be done gently, slowly, subtly... once I got used to it, it was fine.

S: What is distinctive about this brain and/or body?
B: It has strength, endurance... a lack of pain... a sound structure. The brain is developed... all in all, a strong body. Resists sickness.

S: Overall, how did this body accept your Soul integration? Was it easy or difficult?
B: You have to make friends with the host body. It’s a partnership. The soul and body are interdependent. The soul needs a vehicle, and the body needs a soul. When the soul enters, you start a form of projection of what you want to become. Everything starts from inward and works outward. Everything starts from spirit consciousness, not the other way around.

S: How does this body compare with others you may have occupied?
B: There is no ‘bad’ body... there is no ‘good’ body. All have a purpose. Tall, short, ugly, handsome, they have a purpose for the spiritual path you’re on... the lessons for the soul entity.

People on earth view things in narrow, linear terms. The soul is much greater... it goes way beyond the present body and personality. We are like the sun; each ray is a lifetime. What’s one ray compared to the total?

Regression to Immediate Past Life

S: It’s time now to travel back to your immediate past incarnation. Okay, first impression now, daytime or nighttime?
B: Daytime.

S: Inside or outside?
B: I guess you’d say inside. I’m on a train, moving with other soldiers. It’s World War I, we’re on our way to the front line.

S: Look down and tell me what are you wearing.
B: I’m wearing boots with a white wraparound... I forget the name. I’m with the United States Army. Uniform is brown with a sort of cowboy/drill instructor hat. We have backpacks and rifles. I think we’re in France. We’re fighting the Germans.

S: What’s your name? What do you look like?
B: (Name). I have thick red-brown hair, and a red mustache. Big ears. Blue eyes. I’m a large person... top-heavy, big shoulders, chest, and arms. Legs are smaller.

S: Okay (Name), what’s happening? How are you feeling?
B: I’m worried. The front line... I’ve talked to other people. Most of these kids... it’s gonna be bad.

S: “These kids...,” how old are you?
B: Older than most, 29. These kids have no idea that they’re not coming back. They’re full of patriotism.

S: Okay, without pain or discomfort, let’s go to the very last day of your life, in the lifetime we’re exploring together... you’ll not yet have crossed over, but it will be the last day of the life...
B: A field of mud. Barbed wire, trenches. We have orders to advance. Everyone’s wet and cold... it’s like a spring thaw. I know it’s suicide. They have machine gun nests set up, cross-triangulated.

S: How old are you on the last day of your life? What do you think about the life you just lived?
B: I’m 31. The life is a waste, in a sense. I don’t like war, or being a soldier. I’m adventurous and I like excitement; but when you realize you have to kill people, it takes on another reality. It makes you old quick.

S: Alright then, without pain or discomfort, it’s time to move forward to the moment just after death. Where are you in relation to your body?
B: I’m just above the battlefield. A bullet went through my eye... I’m a mess. But I’m kind of relieved. I’ve seen too much death and suffering. It didn’t make sense.

They’re throwing bodies into a horse-drawn cart. I’m glad that life was over. I wasn’t fulfilled... it was kind of pointless. Although, I had a closeness with the men I fought and died with.

S: How do you feel about your death?
B: I wasn’t worried... my family would survive. I was glad to leave.

Crossing Over & Spirit Guide Conference

S: If you’re ready to leave, describe what happens... are you moving?
B: Yes. It’s like moving toward a wormhole. Like being sucked through a straw!

S: Moving up, down, across? What do you see?
B: Moving through... There’s no sense of space or direction. I’m moving too fast to see... but space gets lighter... gray turns into light... gets brighter and brighter...

It’s home. There are other people, or ‘personalities,’ I’ll call them. I’m searching for my people... a certain vibration leads you there.

S: Describe how you go back to your people.
B: It’s like a vibrational homing or frequency that draws you to your own people. Consciousness has a certain frequency to it. It’s kind of like an invisible web, like intersecting lines of invisible vibrations that are like highways or freeways. Where you connect with... it’s like you’re drawn into it... especially when you’ve done many lives, it’s second nature. All you really have to do is think about what you want or where you want to go, and you’re there. Almost instantaneously. People with less experience are afraid, disoriented, not quite sure what they’re going to experience. They need guides, guardians to take them there. I don’t; I’ve been there too many times.

S: So, you know how to navigate these lines of force?
B: Yeah. Anyone with very many lives learns that quickly. You don’t really forget it. It’s kind of ‘in you.’

S: Becomes second nature... almost like you don’t have to think about it?
B: Yeah. The hardest thing is releasing the consciousness from the body. Although it’s quick, and it’s fairly easy, when you die... in fact it’s easier than birth, much easier.

S: What is hard about releasing the consciousness from the body?
B: Depending on the ties you have... we have more concern for people left behind... you’re torn between going, and leaving the ones you love behind. But you also know it’ll be all right, that it’s ‘meant to be.’ It’s only one step in a long staircase for all of us. It’s almost like we’re all on a long conveyor belt, at least in this physical life. It’s like you’re stuck on this conveyor belt until the conveyor belt just drops you off, and you’re free again. Birth is much harder than death.

S: Birth is harder than death? How so?
B: Death is like a renewal. We’ve got it all wrong. It’s reversed. There’s a reason a baby cries when he’s first born! Everyone should have a smile on their face when they die. Someday they will. It’s only their own illusions that give them a fear and insecurity and guilt of a life just spent. They’re just illusions. Just lessons.

S: Well, if you’re ready to move along to your group, would you like to do that now?
B: Okay.

S: By the way, is there a Guide with you? Do you have a Guide?
B: I’ve done this too many times. But yes, I have a spiritual Guide... male... he is here. (Name). He dresses in robes of silk.. has a long beard, white hair. He is kind, compassionate, wise. But no slack! Not too soft or lazy or complacent. (Guide’s Name) is old, very old. He instructs and teaches many people. He’s a teacher’s teacher. With my overall advancement, he’s somewhat pleased.

S: Are you receiving any telepathic or other communications? What are you being told?
B: He feels I showed great courage in the soldier life. I could have made better choices... been a farmer or something. But he seems pleased. I’ve lived many lives.

S: How does (Guide’s Name) feel about your performance in the last life?
B: The goals were met. I achieved ‘perseverance through hell.’ Though, I wish I was involved in a more philanthropic cause than war.

S: How would you compare your last few lives with all those you lived before, in terms of your continuing development?
B: In the last few lives... well, I’ll make the most progress in this life. It’s been difficult... but I’ve been working on love, wisdom, compassion. Real wealth is not material; real wealth is what you take with you.

Eternity is endless. Developing consciousness is endless. You continue to grow and develop... it never ends! There are lifetimes where more progress is made than others, and some where you slide back... it really doesn’t matter. Stay well-anchored...

S: “Well-anchored?”
B: Are you conquering fear? There are degrees of accomplishment in lessons. That’s why you need Guides. They help you to figure out what lessons to learn. There is a gradual upliftment.

S: Is there a link between your current life and your immediate past life?
B: I saw a lot of pain and suffering. I bonded with the soldiers. The soldier lifetime taught me love, compassion, and forgiveness. There are a lot of things in store for me...

The Purple Light

S: Sounds interesting... well, if you’re ready to move along to your group, would you like to do that now? Unless there’s somewhere else you’d like to go... you’re free to do as you will.
B: I think I’ll go to the purple light.

S: Go ahead and do that then, go to the purple light... what are you experiencing?
B: It’s rejuvenating; like bliss... I can only survive or stand so much of it, though. I’m not purified enough. It pulsates.

S: How does it affect you?
B: Like I’m losing weight. It’s like it destroys the heavy weight, the burden you have. It’s like it disintegrates your grief, your guilt, your insecurity, your fear, your worries. It’s like taking a shower after you’ve rolled in the mud.

It seems to work a lot on the emotional level, cleansing you from all those emotions... impurities, negatives. It kind of reaffirms your true essence. You know that true essence is within you, you just have to realize it. It’s easy to realize it ‘here’... it’s hard to realize it ‘there!’

S: What is the source of the purple light... is it proceeding from above you?
B: It’s everywhere. It’s omnipresent. It’s like nothing else exists but that, when you’re there. Even you become the purple light. I guess it’s like trying to stain white a certain color... the longer you’re there, the more you radiate it. Almost like you can only take so much of it.

S: Go ahead and enjoy that purple light while I count very slowly to ten, and by the time I get to ten, you’ll be just about complete (counts to ten). How do you feel, would you like more time?
B: I feel good.

S: Would you like more time in the purple light?
B: Yes.

S: Tell you what, I’ll just be silent, I won’t even count, you tell me when you’re complete. (Time passes... client signals.) How do you feel?
B: Refreshed. It’s better than the shower on earth.

S: How is it better?
B: It’s like bliss.

S: What is this purple light?
B: Love. It’s essence is love. Being in love, it just feels like you’re surrounded with warmth, no fears... it’s like ecstasy, bliss, joy... It’s where we all want to be. It’s like ‘all there is.’

S: Would you like to see your friends now, the people that you told me about...?
B: Okay.

S: How do you journey, how do you find them?
B: It’s by vibration; but we’re all specialists.

S: You’re all specialists?
B: Yeah. We all have our own developments and responsibilities, but we’re all healers. We’re all studying healing. Manipulation of energy. We work as guides or guardians in our own way.

S: So have you made contact with them?
B: Yeah.

Reuniting with Soul Group

S: How are they arranged... in front of you, in a circle? How many of you are there?
B: We are five. We’re here together. They’re standing in front of me... arranged in a sort of crescent. They all communicate love... we’ve all been in each other’s past lives... it's my family, it's home.

S: Who is the first to approach you?
B: Actually my spiritual guide, well, he’s there. We’re all very close.

S: Does he communicate with you?
B: Yeah. He communicates with all of us; he’s a very old soul.

S: Does he communicate with you now? What does he say?
B: I think he’s pleased with what took place in my last life. As always, you could make better choices with each life; there’s always things you can improve or could have done better. But you look at the overall development. If you develop one or two qualities in each lifetime... strengthen them... you’ve accomplished a lot! It’s not easy. To truly progress, takes many lifetimes to learn many, many different aspects... it’s endless, it goes on forever. You just move from one stage of development to the next... it’s eternal, really. But with each stage you develop a deeper, stronger sense of that joy, that bliss, that ecstasy. It’s kind of like a radio, listening to a program... fine tune the knob until all the static’s gone. It’s that way with lives.

The spirit world’s a resting place. Rejuvenation. You teach, you learn, you reevaluate... different aspects of your own self and others, actually. You learn by teaching and living. It’s different than earth. There’s no deception. There’s really no ego. No treachery, no fear, there’s no insecurity... you learn much faster. But then you have to test what you’ve learned. To see if it’s truly become a part of your nature, your personality... your essence, I guess you’d say.

S: How do you test your learning?
B: You do it through lives... living different lives. You have tests and lessons, to see if you really firmly believe that, or if it’s really, truly part of your essence. It’s like, when you’ve been hurt, do you have it deep within you to forgive? Do you have it deep within you to show compassion? Do you have unconditional love without demands? All these things are tested in a life. That’s kind of like separating the wheat from the chaff.

S: So they’re in a cresent around you... who comes toward you first?
B: (Spirit Name 1). She’s a very loving person. She’s green in the center, with pinkish streaks. They all communicate love... we’ve all been in each other’s past lives, and (Guide Name) has helped. It’s like a puzzle: each piece is one of your lifetimes, and they fit together to form your picture. And each fits together with the others’ pictures, connecting to make a grand picture.

S: Who is the next soul?
B: (Wife’s Name). She’s my primary soulmate. We really enjoy being together in lifetimes, but we haven’t been together as much in the last few lifetimes. We’re almost in a dependency... lost without each other. She looks to me for help and support. Yet, when it comes to our progress... there is a delicate balance between helping and hindering.

S: (Wife’s Name) is your wife today, does she have a spirit name? What color is she radiating?
B: (Spirit Name 2). She’s yellow, with green. We all have green, it’s for healers. Healing combines spiritual qualities... and learning to manipulate energy. There are Guides, Teachers, Healers...

S: What is your own spirit name and color?
B: (Own Spirit Name). I’m blue in the inner core, with almost fluorescent green around the edges.

S: Who’s next?
B: (Spirit Name 3). He’s blue with green. He’s an old, old friend. We are all guardians.

S: And last is...?
B: (Spirit Name 4). He’s also mostly green, with blue streaks. He’s starting to turn blue at the core. He’s glad to see me. We all have our own responsibilities... We confer...

I guess you could say we’re all old souls. We’re all progressing. I’m learning a lot at night, when sleeping. I just seem to know things. When you ask for inspiration, it just appears. All knowledge is within the spirit world. The only thing we’re doing is discovering who we really are. ‘Vanishing our illusion.’

S: What did you mean by “We are all guardians?”
B: I escort people to the spirit world when sleeping, occasionally. People that have died... they are frightened and disoriented. You wrap... encapsulate them, encircle them. When the host body has died, I say, ‘They’re a dime a dozen!’ It’s an exaggeration, but... it’s a renewal. I get the person to their home group, and find their spirit guide.

S: Of all these souls in your group, who is in your life today?
B: (Spirit Name 2). That’s (Wife’s Name). We’ve been friends for... ever. She’s such a loving person. Compassionate. I enjoy being with her. She’s the salt of the earth, as they say.

S: Are there any of the others in your life today?
B: No.

S: Are any of them incarnate now?
B: Just (Wife’s Name). They all have their responsibilities. They act as guides and teachers and guardians. And learn from the teachers’ teachers. It’s just endless.

S: If I were to visit your group, what impression would I take away about all of you? Is there anything that sets you apart or says something about you as a group?
B: Our group isn’t much different from many, many, other people that are healers. The only difference between our group and many others, is the association between lives, the bonding between us. It’s like a certain mental frequency between us. We think very similar; the longer you’re together, the more you specialize in certain areas, the more you become alike. Part of it’s the training, part of it’s the interest, part of it’s the bonding. It’s home, it’s your family.

S: Is this a group that you were sort of ‘born with’ or is this something that formed later?
B: This is a group that formed... out of interest. But there’s many, many souls that are just as much like your family, that you start out with. You don’t really ever lose that closeness between each other, especially in the spirit world. It’s hard to describe... it’s not like there are distinctions between us, it’s like a blend. Everyone has his part. It’s like an orchestra, with all different instruments, they all have their different instrument sound or tone, but yet you hear only the symphony. That’s how we are, individually, and as a group. We’re kind of like the violin section of some symphony they’re playing. I don’t know if that makes sense, it’s kind of hard to describe.

S: So you’re part of a greater whole... playing a great music.
B: That’s really what the purple light’s about. We’re all a part of it. We’re all just gradually becoming purple. Pulsating, in and out, in and out. Life, spirit world, life, spirit world. Everything is connected, all of it. Everything you see in this life has a spiritual side to it. From a blade of grass, to a spider’s web. They’re all spiritual lessons. Spider spins his web, catches food. Man spins his web. It’s all the same. Just different ways of representing spiritual ideas.

S: If you’re involved in other activities in the spirit world, work, recreation, be there now and do that, and in a few moments, I’d like you to tell me about what you’re doing...
B: Focusing energy is a big part of, really, everyone’s training. It’s done with light, a lot of it. Light is energy. In fact, we are intelligent light energy, in our essence.

S: So how do you work on focusing energy... how do you do it?
B: It’s through concentration and focus... and consciousness, actually. The more intense the consciousness is, the easier it is to create, on a light level or frequency. I guess you’d say it’s like expanding your consciousness through a laser beam. Each color represents certain, I guess you’d say, physical and emotional characteristics, on an earthly scale. It does in the spirit world, too. But it takes a lot longer than humans can even imagine.

S: What takes longer?
B: Developing focus and consciousness to the point where you can actually manifest physical changes. Let’s say here on earth, it’s like going through layers of consciousness... the further down you go, to this level, the darker and denser the energy becomes. It’s kind of like lifting weights, training.

I have to use that bathroom!

S: Okay...

[Bathroom breaks are okay. We just bookmark where we are, and come right back.]

The Council of Elders

S: (Session resumes) Well... do you feel it is an appropriate time to go before a group of wise beings who are waiting to help you?
B: I don’t go before a big panel anymore, when I have my life re-evaluation. It’s kind of informal. There are only three or four of them. I go with my guide, he is part of the Council... hmm, he didn’t stay. It’s informal. I learned the lessons. We discuss the difficulties and sacrifices. Overall, they are pretty pleased with me. I learned to overcome fear; and I learned love, compassion, and forgiveness.

S: How do these beings appear to you?
B: The Elders appear radiant... like an all-knowing, all-wise feeling of omnipotence. They are far beyond me. Divinity... a light, like a deep purple presence. Like joyous... almost like sexual ecstasy. Like if you’re there long enough, you’ll disintegrate into bliss. The essence is love.

S: Can you describe the individual members? How are they dressed?
B: One is in a green robe. She is a master healer. Master of energy projection and thought projection. The one in the middle is in purple, the spokesperson. The other two are experts in different areas of development.

S: Since all communication will likely be telepathic, what do you hear in your mind?
B: In the past lifetime, I could have done more. I performed my purpose, ‘being put through the fire, like steel.’

S: What message is being given to you that could be useful in your current life? Also, before this session, we discussed a question you wanted to pose: ‘Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?’ Go ahead and ask them now...
B: Yes, I am. I’m doing it.

They say, “Keep meditating; it keeps the door from developing rusty hinges.” I was meant to be a giver in this lifetime.

S: If there is another question you have, ask the Council now... let me know what happens...
B: I asked the Council why my son was born to me, and not someone else. It was because he needs balance... balance between the material and the spiritual. I provided the spiritual balance.


S: How do you feel about all that you have learned here today?
B: Like I’ve always known it! Always been there...

S: Why have you come here to work with me today? Or, why have you been brought here?
B: Because you’re an explorer... cutting a path through the wilderness.

~ ~ ~

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