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Soul Restoration

Soul Restoration & Cleansing

Upon returning to the spirit realm following a physical incarnation, many souls feel a need to cleanse themselves of the emotional residue of earth:
“I think I’ll go to the purple light. It’s rejuvenating; like bliss... It destroys the heavy weight, the burden you have. It disintegrates your grief, your guilt, your insecurity, your fear, your worries. It’s like taking a shower after you’ve rolled in the mud.”
Soul Restoration - Angels
Restoration or cleansing can take various forms, as souls re-acclimate to the spiritual plane. Some LBL clients speak of showers of light or complex energy chambers which harmonize their vibration. Others tell of simple, natural settings such as lying in a special bedchamber, or resting in a beautiful garden.

Benefits for the LBL Client

Because of the eternal ‘now’ nature of the spiritual dimension, this experience can be of great therapeutic value for a person in the present. While in session she is having a spiritual experience of resting and healing, her body meanwhile is resting blissfully in my office, in a very deep state of trance. Breathing slows, and clients often becomes quite motionless and still. Some love this quiet interlude so much that they spend several minutes basking in the glow.

A Life Between Lives restoration experience is a blessed nurturing of body, mind, heart, and soul. Many feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and emerge feeling rejuvenated, balanced, whole.
Soul Restoration - Roses

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