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Library & Life Selection

Spiritual Library
The Library
Spirit world libraries are described by clients as incredibly vast halls in which information is stored in the form of books, scrolls, or even on watchable video screens. These libraries are essentially synonymous with what is also called the Akashic Records.

Souls are often directed to a library by their spirit guides in order to learn about a specific issue of importance:

"He wants to show me a book... a place where there's a lot of information... endless, endless... I"m supposed to look at it... I'm supposed to study it."

People generally visit the library to gather data on their own past lives. But as in any library, other information is available, including advanced works on science, history, the arts, etc.

Library Archivists are usually present to assist souls with locating or viewing resources.
Life and Body Selection

In preparation for rebirth, souls may go to a place of Life and Body Selection, where they can preview and plan many aspects of their upcoming incarnation:

“My guide takes me to a place of life selection... there are a dozen viewing screens of different shapes and sizes, and I see the body moving at different ages. I have three choices of lives, but this is really the only one in the running.”
Life and Body Selection LBL

Counseling is provided by guides and planners. At times, soul friends may be allowed to participate in making arrangements to work through lessons together on the earth plane.

In a Life Between Lives session, revisiting this scene can be eye-opening as clients are reminded of the reasons why they chose their present lifetime. They can also become consciously aware of soul agreements they have made with others.

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