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What to Expect

A Life Between Lives session is quite lengthy, usually lasting three to four hours or more. Here's what happens during our time together.
What to Expect - LBL sessions
Session Agenda


We will discuss your life issues and what you are seeking in your session. This will remain private and confidential, so please be candid; the more I understand of your story, the better I can serve you. We will talk about hypnosis and the regression process, and you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you wish. I may guide you through a few brief mental exercises which are designed to limber up your mind, memory, and sensory imagination.

Induction & Age Regression

We will light some candles, get you comfortable, and switch on a recorder. When all is ready, we will begin. LBL as developed and taught by Dr. Michael Newton is a very systematic method. We start with a basic induction, inducing hypnosis; and then spend some time deepening your trance. We will go back and look at some of your happy memories in your earlier life, getting younger and younger, all the way back into the womb.

Past Life Regression

We will proceed into a past life, usually your most recent previous life before the present. We will look at some of the important milestones and experiences of the past life, and then move to the last day, and pass through the death. This is the point at which the 'LBL' part of the session begins.

Life Between Lives

You will ascend into spirit and shift into the spiritual dimension. Often clients are met by their Spirit Guides, and you discuss the past life from which you just arrived, and see how that life has affected your spiritual development. At some point you may want to cleanse yourself from emotional residue of the earthly lifetime, so your guide may lead you to a Place of Restoration.

You may choose to visit your Soul Group to catch up with your dear, loving friends. At some point, you may go before your Council of Elders. You will have brought me a brief list of your personal questions, and I will ask that these be addressed by your Spirit Guide or your Council of Elders.

There are many other opportunities for further learning experiences. You may choose to visit a library to research your past lives or other subjects. You may go to a place of Life and Body Selection to learn about why you chose your present lifetime and what sort of contracts or agreements you may have with other souls. You may visit other worlds, or enjoy singular personal experiences that aren't written about in any book, because they are unique to you and your journey. There is always something new to discover.

Concluding the Session

At some point the session will wind down naturally and we will return to the present. Afterwards, we may briefly discuss the session, or we may just relax and remain silent if you wish. I will ask you to stay for a few minutes afterwards because you've been in deep trance for several hours, and I want to make sure you're fully aware before we leave my office.

Within a couple of weeks, you can receive the recording of your session via email audio files.

You are always welcome to contact me after our work together to discuss your experience, to seek information or clarification, or... just to say hello.

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