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Your soul's journey through the cosmos is like a colorful storybook with many chapters.
About Hypnosis - LBL
We all hold memories of our past lives and our life between lives deep within our unconscious minds. These memories may surface from time to time in dreams, in meditations, or in sudden flashes of insight. Or, they may sleep, just beneath the surface.

One of the easiest methods of accessing these memories is through the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is focused awareness.

Any time you focus your awareness, you enter an altered state of consciousness. People expect to be hit over the head with a hammer, but hypnosis is usually a more subtle feeling, something like having a pleasant daydream with your eyes closed. While the experience may feel deceptively mild and unimpressive at first, you will find that it has a way of opening the doors to your inner self.

Spiritual regression is all about getting the brain and body into the background, so soul information can come through. It comes through what may feel like imagination. It has been said: “The imagination is your soul's way of talking to you.”

In a Life Between Lives hypnosis session, thoughts, feelings, visions, sounds, words, and impressions will sing to you. If you simply follow this inner music, you will ascend into the realm of spirit.

Some tips on enjoying hypnosis:

Be natural

It's not necessary to remain still like a statue. If you need to move or scratch, you won't break the spell... just do it, so you can forget about it and relax. Trance ebbs and flows naturally like the ocean tides. Just be yourself.

Be open to the experience

Every client brings some preconceptions to their session. Many people's view of hypnosis comes from TV, movies, and stage hypnosis shows, which tend to be exaggerated and quite different from clinical hypnotherapy.

Try and leave expectations aside, and just be open to a new experience. If you can be present and go with the flow, chances are you'll enjoy some very meaningful adventures.

Be gentle with yourself

Simply take a positive, easy-going attitude of acceptance: “Sure, I guess I can do that.” Some people put pressure on themselves to perform, but too much effort can be counter-productive. Just be calm and allow the experience to unfold. Whatever happens is meant to happen, and we will learn from it. You can't push the river! So just relax, and follow my voice, as best you can. We'll get there, my friend...
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