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an international cast

"Memories" has a truly international flavor, with contributing authors from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia.

"Memories" has a truly international flavor, with contributing authors from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia.
"It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - Volume 1

Author and award-winning filmmaker Richard Martini continues his explorations on the Flipside with "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," Vols. 1 and 2. Martini interviews scientists, people who have had Near-Death Experiences, and includes transcripts of past life and between lives hypnosis sessions.

Extensively researched, breathtaking in scope, "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" takes the reader on a wild ride, across the yellow brick road, into the Great Beyond.

My hypnosis sessions are featured in Chapters 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter 10 entitled 'Celestial Music.' This session is with a musician/actress named Sean. In this excerpt she is channeling her Spirit Guide as I pose her own questions that she brought in to be addressed in the session:
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Scott: She asks, "Why don't my Guides listen to me or care enough about me to show my path?"

Sean: We are. We do. Start to believe us. She just questions a lot of what is being shown. Situations that are set up, or synchronicities, or things coming together when they're meant to. All she has to do is tap into us -- and we're there.

Scott: What's a good way to tap into you and become more aware of these Divinely guided situations?

Sean: Meditation and the trust, and being centered, finding stillness within. Finding peace within -- and that's when you hear voices or the feelings. It's when the chatter starts, that the confusion sets in. But also at night in her dreams; she doesn't always remember them, but there is information in dreams.

Scott: She wants to know, "What are my major lessons for this lifetime?"

Sean: It's the strength and belief that she's loved and that she's supported and that she's doing the right thing without doubting; to not have so much doubt. But also going past her limitations, whether the ones put upon her by herself or by others. Just ask for it to be shown, and it will be shown. It's a phone call away (laughs)! It's really true; it's just in asking. Open up your heart.

Scott: For an artist, it's hard not to be influenced by critics and people's opinions. Do you have any advice for her about that?

Sean: Well, it's important to be aware and to be open -- but the inspiration is coming from within. And that's always steady and that's what must be followed. It's coming from a Divine source and that's what's going to pull it through, whether other people think it's good or bad. That won't matter, because if it's coming from a pure source, the right people will find it.

Scott: Thank you. She wants to know, "Is there free will?"

Sean: Of course there's free will. There are agreements, but we work with them for many years... and certain things are set up. But everything is negotiable.

-"It's a Wonderful Afterlife" Vol. 1 - by Richard Martini - 2014
"It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - Volume 2

Martini continues his explorations with "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," Vol. 2. There are new life between lives sessions with astounding claims of contact with the Afterlife, with experiencing God, and understanding life's journey.

The author recounts his own unconventional journey to this research, and includes a between live session of his own.

My hypnosis sessions are featured in Chapters 6, 8, 11, 15, and 18. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 15 entitled, 'God is All of Us.' Client Randy is accessing his Soul Group's 'Supervisor' Guide:
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Scott: Randy wants to know, "What is God"

Randy: (Disgusted) He's forgotten.

S: Remind him now.

R: It's all of us. It's the Whites, It's the Purples, it's the Light Blues. It's the Maroons or whatever [the colors referring to various soul levels]. It's all of us. And sheesh, Randy should know this.

Our information, our knowledge, our experience, our process, our being/moving/evolving beingness is all held in the vibration. And we transfer the knowledge. As move into each other, we convey the knowledge to each other. That's how we share. That's our collective knowledge from our group in the 30... oh, there's a lot out there... all those Whites, and the Purples, they all have a vibration to give, they all have knowledge to give, and all of it is what we are as God.

We're all God. But you see, we don't exactly understand. We don't have all the knowledge; we're Light Blues. And the Whites don't have all the knowledge; I don't think they have as much knowledge or as many experiences as we do... they're working at a different level. The Purples come to help sometimes, so I think they have more knowledge; they definitely have more knowledge. I don't know what's beyond the Purples. Enrico (the soul group Supervisor Guide) says he doesn't know either. But, he says, some of the Purples know.

God is a kind of collective and it takes all of this feeding and working off each other to make it work... each time you come back with some more vibration and feed it into the others, it adds to the collective, and it moves everybody up a level, kind of darkens their color.

As you collect more knowledge and vibration, from a soul... we're calling it a soul... as a soul moves up and contributes information through the vibration, it contributes to all the others around and then they move it out. Because everybody has connections...

So the information all collects and as it gets to a certain saturation point, it moves up a color, a darker color. Then the whole thing worlds again, at another level, and moves up... and at some point it's like a beautiful... oh, I'd like to say gold, but it's not gold... it's almost like the deepest purple, it's black, and it becomes infinite knowledge...

-"It"s a Wonderful Afterlife" Vol. 2 - by Richard Martini - 2014
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What happens after we die? Author and award-winning filmmaker Richard Martini explores startling new evidence for life after death, via the "life between lives," where we return to our loved ones, soulmates, and spiritual teachers.

Featuring a new interview with Dr. Michael Newton, the book examines actual life between life sessions, and interweaves Rich's humorous and insightful observations of life, and his own between life sessions.

"Richard has written a terrific book. Insightful, funny, provocative, and deep, I highly recommend it!"
-Robert Thurman ("Why the Dalai Lama Matters")

My sessions are featured in the book in Chapters 10, 12, 18, 20, and 21. The following is a brief excerpt from Chapter 21 ('Be There Now') -- Rich's own second LBL session, facilitated by me. We are speaking with his spirit guide about Rich's experience in previous lives as a healer.


Scott: Let’s go to the Lakota Sioux medicine man lifetime...

Rich: His name was Wa’tanka, “Man of Great Spirit.” The American Indian people are very connected to the life between lives world, which they refer to as “The Great Spirit.” Both the American Indians and the aboriginal tribes of Australia have much to offer (with their knowledge); it’s amazing so few on the planet have focused on their wisdom (with regard to the spirit world and nature).

As a medicine man, people would bring him their sick and he would pray over them and would use the equivalent to calling upon the Great Spirit to heal them. When you put your mindset into that frame, whatever culture you’re from, you tap into that healing energy of the universe -- which is facilitated through you, through your hands and into the patient, and depending upon their karmic journey, let’s call it that for want of a better word; they get healed. So if you’re good at it, you can affect a lot of lives.

S: Richard has asked for details.

R: That’s something Richard is aware of - in the Tibetan culture there’s a healing meditation called “Tonglen.” It’s effective. It’s a practice he’s studied before, and he should tell people about it. Most consider prayer to be of the same system, but there are certain techniques you can use to perfect, train the mind, so it can help focus that healing energy.

S: Give us a one, two, three recipe on how to do this.

R: First the mind should go through a gymnastic period. Picture your patient in 360 degrees, as a vision of a three dimensional character, sitting in front of you, then imagine where the illness is -- that’s a way of doing a gymnastic for own mind and it also benefits the patient. Tune your mind to the patient. 2nd, put the patient in front of you as a mental image because you’re replicating their energy, and 3rd then alter their energy, or focus on healing them.

One example would be someone with pneumonia or chest pain. Picture that person in an energetic pattern in front of you; what’s bothering them will have a different color to it, a different glow -- and then this Tibetan exercise is effective, you draw that energy into you, pull the illness into you, and use your ability to tap into the healing light of the universe to dissolve that negativity, and then breathe the transformed healing light back into the patient.

-"Flipside" - by Richard Martini - 2011
Memories of the Afterlife new lbl book
"Memories of the Afterlife"

"Memories of the Afterlife," the fourth book in Dr. Newton's LBL series, is available at fine bookstores and online. The volume consists of 32 Life Between Lives case histories, written by Newton Institute-trained and certified LBL therapists from around the world. Dr. Newton helped compile and edit the book, and has contributed an introduction and numerous comments and footnotes throughout. This new work illustrates various ways in which LBL sessions have helped people make positive changes in their lives.

"Memories" has a truly international flavor, with contributing authors from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia.

The following is a brief excerpt from my own contribution, a chapter entitled, "I Am Home." This is the story of Monique, a woman who suffered from deep depression and suicide attempts. Through her LBL session, Monique was able to gain insights enough to move forward with her life.
'I AM HOME' - (excerpt)

She walks a tightrope in the present lifetime. She needs to feel, but the intense emotional struggles of her romantic relationships unbalance her and threaten to tip her over the edge. The heartbreak of her fractured marriage with Thomas and a recent tempestuous love affair with Jeremy were particularly difficult. She wrote of this latest stormy relationship: “I know that love is eternal. With Jeremy, he smiles at me, and I know who he is and I love him fiercely, ferociously. But somehow my relationship with him has been full of hurt feelings, anger, and frustration. We turn toward each other, until hurt feelings and anger lead to abandonment again.”

In the soul group meeting, we learn how Monique’s lessons are related with the souls of two of her great loves. We also find the ultimate reason for her studies in emotion.

Scott: You mentioned your soul group; would you like to check in with them?

Monique: It’s a short distance; I can see it from here.

S: Describe the place for me.

M: It’s circular. It’s like light energy, domed. It provides boundary.

S: Be there now. Is there anything meaningful going on right now between you and your group?

M: Yes. Thomas and Jeremy and I are in studies of the emotions. On our next earth visit, this visit, this incarnation, we’ll do this.

S: This is a plan you three have? Is there a goal to these studies?

M: Compassion, they relate to compassion.

S: So you three are going to come and learn about emotion, live it, study it, really immerse yourselves?

M: Yes. We’re gonna take it out on each other! Act it out, sound it out, lay it out.

S: What is the ultimate purpose, do you have a primary aspiration?

M: Yes. To care for those who come back from earth.

S: I can see why compassion might be important.

The aches and pains of Monique’s romantic entanglements in the present day are not random events. Her sufferings are not the result of 'bad karma,' nor are they punishment from a spiteful Creator. These circumstances were self-chosen and mapped out in concert with two dear soul group companions as part of a grand study of human emotion. All three have agreed to incarnate and interact in order to explore the intensity of human feelings. In Monique’s case, these experiences will serve to grow her empathy and compassion in preparation for her future work as a caretaker of souls returning from earth. Pieces of the puzzle come together; the larger picture begins to take shape.

Deeper understandings of her emotional lessons are gained as Monique’s spirit guide now leads her to appear before her Council of Elders.

S: Tell me where you go now.

M: It appears very much like temples. I see us moving through archways; the Elders are sitting straight across in a row, in throne-like chairs. There are Seven...

-"Memories of the Afterlife" - by The Newton Institute - 2009

an international cast

"Memories" has a truly international flavor, with contributing authors from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia.

"Memories" has a truly international flavor, with contributing authors from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia.
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