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Dear Scott

Dear Scott,

After my husband’s sudden death, I had so many words stuck inside me that I never had the chance to say. They were suffocating me, making me feel like no air would ever fill my lungs again because they were too stuffed full of all those words. I spent almost two years like that, Scott. I desperately sought out every therapist, healer, psychic, spirit medium, card reader, and energy worker that I could find, praying someone would help me find a way to say goodbye. Some of them helped in small ways, but no one helped in the way I really needed.

With the aid of Higher Beings, I found you. In our very first correspondence, your compassion, kindness, and understanding gave me hope that maybe I had found a person who might actually help heal my soul.

I had no idea of your gifts, your skills, your depth, your amazing spirit. I had no way of knowing that you would give me such a safe space to go deep within. A part of me hoped, but there was also a small part of me that was skeptical as to whether anyone could truly lead me to Spirit. You not only helped me find my way there, but you gently and brilliantly made sure I obtained exactly what I needed. Through your quick-thinking, intuitive questions, and your ability to recognize important symbolism in the information I reported to you, you helped me make discoveries I’m certain I wouldn’t have made without your guidance and support.

During my LBL session, I felt as if my chest was tenderly opened as I talked with my husband and let out all the words that had been choking me for nearly two years. The healing was miraculous. The mental anguish is gone. The pain is gone. The desperation is gone. My lungs are free to breathe again.

You make a difference here in this world, Scott. Not just with the work you do, but with the way you do it.

I admire you and am forever grateful.

Much love,
A Simple Recipe for Manifesting

From my spirit guide in one of my own LBL sessions, here is a simple recipe for manifesting what you want in your life:

1. Make a mental picture of what you want

2. Infuse the picture with emotional energy

3. Step into the picture

'During Sleep'

During my friend Bear’s LBL session, he mentioned an intriguing fact:

“I escort people to the spirit world when sleeping, occasionally. People that have died... they are frightened and disoriented. You wrap... encapsulate them, encircle them... I get the person to their home group, and find their spirit guide.”

I’d always wondered about this. Can some part of a person’s soul really cruise around while they’re sleeping and perform such duties?

Last week I found an old book at my local library sale - only 50 cents! - called “During Sleep.” Written by Robert Crookall, B.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D., dated 1974, the volume contains numerous accounts of 'co-operation' between the living and the dead during sleep. Dr. Crookall tells of 'co-operation' in several categories including 'co-operation' that helps other mortals, 'co-operation' that helps the dying, 'co-operation' that helps the newly dead, and 'co-operation' that helps the earthbound.

Excerpts from "During Sleep"

'Co-operation' that helps other mortals
Mrs. Clara Clayton, of Nottingham, stated, “I had gone to bed but not fallen asleep, and felt myself slipping out. I found myself with a mother and her babe. They were in bed. A state of distress showed in her aura and I became aware that she was calling for her husband. I soothed her until she ceased to weep, and then soothed her to sleep... Almost at once I saw the ‘sea;’ this ‘sea’ was the Astral world, the world of emotion. I saw one coming across the ‘sea’ and realized it was the husband. I assisted the mother to leave her physical body and she stood beside me in her Astral body and became aware of me. With a great cry, she saw her husband. They embraced and the happiness glowed through them... She would wake out of that ‘dream,’ as she would call it, and remember having seen her husband. This might be enough to stop her grieving -- her dream would have been very vivid and so would be stamped in her memory..."

'Co-operation' that helps the dying
Mrs. Clayton stated, “I had only just closed my eyes and had slipped out of my body and found myself, with others, waiting for the passing of a soul, first that of a lady and second a little boy. We soothed them and waited for the process of dying to come to an end, and we bore them to their spiritual abode to rest awhile. The mourners did not see us, but both the lady and the boy became aware of us and they lost the fear of death.”

'Co-operation' that helps the newly dead
Miss Hillier, of Croyden, said that, during sleep, she finds herself where people have just been killed in some disaster. She stated, “I lead them to their relatives... later I read of such a disaster in the newspapers. I cannot explain why I am called upon to do this work.”

'Co-operation' that helps the earthbound
Mrs. Clara Clayton, of Nottingham, said, “I was with a companion that night and I knew we were both functioning out-of-the-body and our mission was known to us. We glided downwards... our destination was reached -- a dark cavern in and out of which souls were passing, each apparently unaware of the other. They appeared dark, cold, and miserable. Suddenly I became aware of one coming out who was completely isolated. We knew our task was with him. We each took an arm and lifted him up. He began to weep, and, as he wept, his ‘garment’ grew lighter; then he became conscious of us and smiled. We rose together, he being supported by us. We reached the top of a hill where a great assembly had gathered to greet this soul...”

H.A. Curtis and Dr. F. H. Curtis (Realms of the Living Dead, 1917, p. 61) spoke of people who died strongly believing there is no after-life and who therefore slept for an unduly long time after death and were difficult to awaken. They said,
“This, among many other tasks, is the work assigned to those students who, during sleep on earth, have asked to be put to work in the astral world. Many of us would be surprised could we remember all tasks performed during sleep.”

Gothic Dream

gothic dream

because you emailed me
i pulled you into one of my dreams
we were at some gathering of people
there were ancient buildings
dusty, of honey-colored stone
i was drawn to you
you pulled me aside and said
you had been hoarding some things
in a secret place
you had them stashed away
you were going to show me
maybe we could carry them back out
you seemed sick and weary
you seemed to stumble and swoon
i caught and held you
your head falling back
when i touched you
i knew things about you
i could feel you were deeply stricken
you had a wound that would never heal
could never be healed in this world
you had black angel wings
i pulled your head to my chest
cradled you
i began to cry
my tears felt hot
they were flowing out
it really hurt
sadness, loss
but it felt good too
you began to cry
your tears were like blood
i could feel them flowing and dripping
pouring onto my legs
when i woke up
i was surprised to find
my eyes weren’t very moist
only in dreams
can i really cry

How I Would Choose a Hypnotherapist

Some people want to know about a therapist's academic training and professional qualifications. Some people want to know about a therapist's years of experience. Some people will only see a therapist with a famous reputation. Some people are looking for the lowest price, and some just want a therapist who is close, in a convenient location, preferably in a nice part of town. Once, a prospective client asked me to provide her with letters filled with signed referrals and testimonials from past clients. Another person once asked me, “Why should I choose you, and not another hypnotherapist?” What else could I say but, “I don't know that you should!”

Personally, when choosing someone for such an intimate thing as a hypnotherapy session, I would note as a sidelight such things as qualifications, experience, or positive word of mouth from a friend. But first and foremost, I would absolutely need to have the 'right feeling’ about the therapist. What is the 'right feeling?’ I can’t explain it - but I know it when I feel it! Sometimes I can see a name in a listing and that name just pops out at me. That's a sign right there, at least a sign strong enough to contact the person. But I would want to meet that person if possible, or at least talk to them, so I could get a real feeling about them as a human being. I would want to see if my inner voice tells me they are the right person for my journey, in this moment.

As for qualities I would desire in a hypnotherapist, it all starts with honesty and openness. After that, wisdom and compassion, and a feeling of spirituality. Knowledge, experience, chops are important – does she have the stuff to take me where I need to go? Calmness would be good, with a quiet, understated confidence. Also important to me: does she listen? Does she seem to understand me, and my wants and needs for this experience?

It might sound strange, but I get the feeling that there is a spiritual team of brethren 'up there' whose job is to bring people together for mutual benefit. Call these wise beings the Weavers. They read the energies of people, their karma, past and future; their dreams, goals, yearnings. The Weavers are able to manipulate the skeins and threads of soul pathways to suggest beautiful alignments. Our own higher selves, our souls, and our spirit guides, are able to view these energy tapestries, and to see positive possibilities of connections with others. We are spoken to, in the quiet recesses of our human hearts and minds. It’s up to us whether or not we choose to listen.


At the end of a late night’s jaunt, I stopped at a gas station convenience store. Behind the counter stood a burly Hispanic man with a black mustache and beard, and a dark beanie pulled down nearly covering his liquid brown eyes. He engaged me in friendly conversation - “Hey bro” - and we got to talking about the history of this region of Southern California. Somehow, we turned to philosophical matters, and I asked him his philosophy of life. “I just do what makes me happy, and try to help people,” he said.

That made me laugh at myself. My whole life has been spent searching for answers. So many days and nights reading books on spirituality, religions of the world, mystic arts, occult magick, powers of mind, new age philosophy. Countless hours studying the teachings of Eastern gurus, Western mystics, pop psychologists, scientific researchers, trance channels, tribal shamans, ceremonial magicians. Meditations, classes, reveries, religious services, pagan rituals, hypnotic explorations...

I doubt that Eric has read many books on Taoist philosophy or meditated with Buddhists or danced with Wiccans or studied the deepest tenets of esoteric Christianity. But then, he doesn't have to.

“I just do what makes me happy, and try to help people.”

Massage & Energy Healing

Recently I had several hours of private instruction on massage and hands-on energy healing from Nancy Alcorn and Karen Duffy at Lotus of Light in Glendora, CA. Nancy did most of the instructing, while Karen served as guinea pig.

I am new to massage, and it was fascinating. I learned about muscles and physical structure, and how different strokes and movements are used on different areas of the body. One thing that was fun was using not just my hands, but other things like my forearms to stroke the long muscles of the legs. I was surprised at how much pressure was wanted to work on certain areas, and how the stance and footwork of the therapist are important as she moves over the person resting on the table. One useful thing was learning how to find knots and rub them out of someone’s back or shoulders.

Bodywork is a loving art.

What I was most interested in, though, was the energy healing portion of the class. This is a subject I've been drawn to for a long time. Many years ago, I had an actual dream of healing a child with my touch, and I've always wondered if that could come true.

Everyone has their theory about energy healing. Old occult sources divide the multidimensional reality of a person into several layers or bodies, such as the astral body, the emotional body, the mental body, etc. People talk about auras, vibrational rates, balancing the chakras, but I think some things are just beyond intellectual understanding.

In my previous classes and experiences of energy healing, it involved a feeling of sending or pushing out, as if you're supposed to 'send' out or ‘direct’ or 'run' energy to another person. Nancy and Karen's tradition seems to require less effort. You don’t need to focus or push or do anything, they told me. Just rest your hands on a person with a mild loving intention, and trust the universe to do the work. All you have to do is relax, and wait for a shift.

In our class, within a few seconds of placing my hands on Karen’s ankles, I saw in my mind a vision of a misty glade of towering coastal trees. In deep green hues they stood, a natural cathedral, so strong and still. Beneath the stillness, I could feel the deep hum of their life vibration. While I was touching Karen, I learned that when that forest vision and hum became strong and clear in my mind, it meant that the area of Karen that I was working on was balanced or ready, so I could change my hand position. Up her body I went, staying until that feeling of clarity clicked in, then moving along. A finishing pass upwards, and she was calmed, balanced, and very relaxed. And I felt terrific!

When the time is right, I hope you will take a class about something that interests you.

Words of Wisdom

Here are a few random excerpts from some of my clients’ Life Between Lives spiritual regression sessions. Permissions to share have been granted. Much of the material from these sessions seems to be personal information for the individual client, yet there are some items that have universal relevance.

On "Cosmic Oneness":
One gentleman, on entering his life between lives, had a powerful experience of a cosmic oneness. He spoke of the unity he had experienced, saying he had always felt that everything was connected, but now he had a real sense of living, linked consciousness. “They never leave! Those like me, and those higher, beyond incarnation... we all stay connected.” In some amazement, he said, “You don’t have to call for assistance, because the very act of needing it instantly manifests it. Prayer is unnecessary!”

On the Life Selection process:
Souls play a role in their own incarnational choices. One client’s Life Selection process was largely a self-service affair. “You just know when you’re ready to go back... you either have a need to help someone or feel you want to learn something. Then you figure out the best plan.” She described the process as going to a place of records, and looking through a computer to see what they had available; then, after making your choices, you produce a blueprint, and get it okayed by someone. In her Life Selection experience, friends could ask for help and plan things together.

Another client went with her Guide to a place of Life/Body Selection, where she viewed a dozen screens of different shapes and sizes, showing various parts of a body at various ages. She described her Selection as a rather rapid process. She said, “They whisk you in and out... if you spend a long time analyzing, you’ll think too much... and you won't want to go!”

On preparing to incarnate:
Before leaving to incarnate, a client described being in school, going over lessons that would be helpful to her. She explained that, “Even though they won’t be available to my human self, I try to store them in my subconscious. I’m trying to cram as much memory as possible... before amnesia.”

Another client indicated that he was offered the option to remember people, to be able to recognize them down on earth, but he didn’t take this option; instead, he had chosen, " be order to enjoy the obstacles!"

On the use of "Personas":
One client loves to wear what she called 'personas' while in spirit. These are costumes or representations that you can wear or project to others. She favors Greco-Roman personas. She described one of her favorite personas as a fair woman with long brown hair, gentle, graceful, named Penelope. She explained that you can use these various personas when you’re with different souls in spirit. For example, if she had a message for someone who was rather serious, her boisterous wine-bibbing male persona might turn them off, so she would use the female persona in order to be more charming. In this way, the intended person might more readily accept the message.

When the Client was asked what she would look like if she had taken off all her personas and gazed into a mirror, she said you would see, “...a light: very bright yellow, a little white at the edges... so bright, I almost have to wear a persona.”

Her Guide teased her about her use of Greco-Roman personas. When he urged her to a meeting with her Council of Elders, rolling his eyes he sardonically told her he wanted her to go to “The Temple of the Gods.” He thought that this persona/costume hobby of hers was rather ridiculous... yet she did describe him as looking something like Socrates!

On emotions and fear:
A Guide spoke: "When it comes to emotions, there is a balance to be struck. You have to allow and feel the emotions; if ignored, they can create conflict and disease. Feeling them, you must process them... and then release them." When asked the purpose of emotions, he replied that they don’t have emotions in the same way in the Spirit World, and that’s why it’s a blessing to come down and experience them on earth.

Her Guide felt that in the present lifetime she had the tendency to become irrational by letting her emotions propel her to wild conclusions. He said that the key for her was to realize that, “No matter what happens... you can’t really be hurt! Feel it and move on, but don’t hang on, because that is ultimately fear. And fear is like poison for the mind. But once you realize you can’t be hurt... there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

On forgiveness:
A client stated that one of his primary lessons concerned forgiveness. When I asked how one forgives, he said the question was not ‘how,’ but ‘why’ one forgives. He said that when you understood why to forgive, the rest would fall into place. I asked him 'why' one should forgive, and he exclaimed, "To free the energy!"

On co-creating your body to be:
One client’s soul first joined the fetal body in the womb at three months after conception, then checked in and out until about eight months after conception. While checking in, the soul noted that the mother’s mental processes weren’t exactly encouraging, so it needed to make modifications itself. On these visits it encouraged strength and health by projecting positive suggestions to the developing fetal body. The client described this as, “Performing positive imprinting by projecting thoughts... akin to fertilizing a flower through mental impulses.”

An alien incarnation
One client told of a very early incarnation in which she lived on an alien planet. It was a red planet, a dark place, without day and night as we know it. She was humanoid in appearance, but very gaunt, almost skeletal; and she was shorter than humans, with leathery, pale blue-gray skin, and minimal clothing. It was dark and dry, and she lived on the outskirts of a settlement. Her body was slow-moving and it couldn’t run; and the life was rather boring, not very creative. Her purpose for the experience was to learn about and appreciate being human.

Always something new to discover...


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